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Website and Application Privacy Policy

14th August 2023



in1bank Ltd, ABN 62 627 541 011 (in1bank, we, us or our) recognises that your privacy is very important to you. This Privacy Policy (Policy) applies to personal information we handle about visitors to our website (Website) or any version or format of in1bank application (Application), and members of the public. It provides information about the Personal information, as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act), that we collect, as well as the ways in which we use that Personal information. The Privacy Act defines Personal information as ‘information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information is true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not’.

The types of personal information we collect
The kinds of Personal information that we collect and hold about you depends on the nature of your dealings with us.
At present, the kinds of Personal information we typically collect or store include your: name, telephone number, email address, and location, bank account details and / or debit / credit card issued by in1bank, or any other information required by law.

How we collect personal information

We collect Personal information when you voluntarily provide it to us, including:
  • contacting us by telephone, email, letter or via our Website or Application;
  • entering your Personal information into forms on our Website or Application; or
  • creating or updating your user profile, which includes Personal information such as your name and contact details.
  • Purposes for which we collect and use Personal information

    The purposes for which we collect and use your Personal information are to:
  • optimise and personalise our Website and Application and deliver content to you;
  • develop new features, products and services;
  • notify you about new features, services and products that may be relevant or of interest to you;
  • provide you with information about our products and services; and
  • comply with our obligations under Australian law.
  • We may also use your personal information to send you alerts and contact you about our goods and services, programs, events, campaigns, functions or news updates that may be relevant or of interest to you. We will, in accordance with The SPAM Act 2003 (Spam Act), give you the option of opting out of receiving promotional and marketing communications when we contact you. Additionally, commercial electronic communications sent by us will contain a functional unsubscribe facility or otherwise allow you to easily opt out of such communications.

    Storage, protection, retention and deletion of data

    As it pertains to the Website and Application, in1bank advises that: i. Any third-party with whom the Application shares data will provide the same level of data protection as stated within this Policy; ii. Data will not be retained by in1bank except in connection with carrying on banking business as requested by you, if it is permissible to do so, and records may be requested for deletion at; and iii. In1bank will regularly delete or cleanse data that is no longer required, is requested for deletion and may be deleted, subject to any legal or regulatory requirements that may otherwise require retention thereof.

    The circumstances in which we may disclose Personal information

    So that we may use your information for the purposes acknowledged above, we may disclose it to external providers of specialised services, for example, IT or other outsourced service providers. We may also share Personal information internally (i.e., within in1bank and its related bodies corporate). We may also disclose your Personal information where required to do so by law, including in relation to any legal proceedings or anticipated legal proceedings, or in order to comply with any legal obligation, subpoena request, or to establish and exercise our own legal rights. In the case of credit information, we may transfer, or otherwise disclose our database containing your Personal information to an actual or potential successor entity, purchaser, or investor in connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, sale of our assets or a substantial part of our assets, share sale, investment transaction or other corporate rearrangement. You may withdraw your consent to use or disclose your Personal information at any time by contacting us at the details below. Please note that withdrawing your consent may mean that we are unable to provide you with products, services and ongoing access to our Website and / or Application.

    Do we transfer or disclose any Personal information overseas?

    As part of our normal business practices, we do not transfer or disclose any Personal information overseas, so your Personal information shall be stored onshore within Australia in the ordinary course of business. However, your Personal information may be transferred overseas if we transfer or disclose our database of Personal information to an actual or potential successor entity, purchaser or investor of in1bank who is located or has offices overseas. In such circumstances it is not feasible to specify the likely countries in which recipients of information may be located.

    Storage and security of your Personal information

    Once in our possession, we take all reasonable precautions to protect the Personal information (information) we hold about you from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, amendment or disclosure.

    Access to and correction of your information

    Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to:
  • ask us to update or correct your Personal information when it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date; and
  • seek access to any Personal information that we hold about you. If any of your details provided have changed or if you believe that any information we hold is inaccurate, please contact us via the details below. You may also request us to provide you with access to the Personal information (information) we hold about you at any time by using the contact details below. We will respond to your access request as soon as possible, however, prior to disclosing any such information it will be necessary for you to satisfactorily verify your identity. There are exceptional circumstances where access to or correction of your Personal information may be refused by us such as where access would be unlawful. We will advise you of such circumstances if they arise.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions or complaints about this Policy or our treatment of your Personal information, or if you would like to access or amend your personal information, please contact us at: We will endeavour to:
  • provide an initial response to your query or complaint within 48 hours; and
  • resolve your query or complaint within 10 business days.
  • If you are still not satisfied, you can contact: The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), on: ( or call 1300 363 992). This Policy will be reviewed periodically to take account of new or updated legislation and / or changes to our operations. Any information we hold about you will be governed by our most current Policy. We recommend that you periodically review this Policy for any changes.


    The official language of Australia is English. The Chinese translation of the Policy is for your reference and information only and has been prepared to enable you to understand the contents of the Policy in the Chinese language. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the translation, we cannot guarantee that the translation is error-free and we do not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused by such error. The English version of the material contained within the Policy shall prevail, as shall the jurisdiction of New South Wales, and any dispute or ambiguity is to be resolved in accordance with the English version only.


    in1bank Ltd(合壹银行,或称“我们”),澳大利亚公司注册号为62 627 541 011,深刻懂得您的隐私对我们非常重要。 本隐私政策(称“本政策”)适用于我们处理访问我们的网站称“网站”)或任何版本或格式的应用程序(称“应用程序”)的访问者和公众的个人信息。根据《1988年隐私法》(称“隐私法”),本政策提供了关于我们收集个人信息以及我们如何使用这些个人信息的信息。 隐私法将个人信息定义为“关于已识别的或可合理识别的个人信息或意见,无论该信息是否真实,也无论是否以实质形式记录”。


    我们收集和保存的有关您个人信息的种类取决于您与我们的业务性质。 目前,我们收集的个人信息包括您的姓名、电话号码、电子邮件和移动定位数据、银行账户信息和/或合壹银行发行的借记卡/信用卡,或法律要求的任何其它信息。


  • 通过电话、电子邮件、信函、访问我们的网站或通过我们的应用程序与我们联系时;
  • 在我们的网站的表格或我们的应用程序中输入您的个人信息时;
  • 创建或更新您的姓名,联系方式等个人信息时。


  • 优化和个性化我们的网站和应用程序,并为您提供合适的内容;
  • 开发新功能、产品和服务;
  • 告知可能与您相关或您感兴趣的新功能、新服务和新产品;
  • 向您提供关于我们产品和服务的信息;
  • 履行澳大利亚法律规定我们的义务。
  • 我们还可能使用您的个人信息向您发送消息,并就可能与您相关或您可能感兴趣的产品和服务、程序、事件、活动、功能或新闻与您联系。我们将根据《2003年反垃圾邮件法》,在与您联系时,为您提供拒绝接收促销和营销信息的选项。此外,我们发送的商业电子通信将包含一个退订功能,或以其它方式使您可以轻松地选择退订此类信息。


    就网站和应用程序而言,我们建议: 一、与应用程序共享数据的任何第三方将提供与本政策中所述相同级别的数据保护; 二、如果允许的话,除非您要求进行银行业务,您可以通过要求删除记录,合壹银行不会保留您的资料; 三、除非本网站或应用程序另有说明,所有客户数据均存储在企业级核心银行架构内,而不是存储在本网站或应用程序内;和 四、我们将定期删除或清理我们不再需要、被要求删除和可能被删除的数据,并将遵守任何可能要求保留这些数据的任何法律或监管要求。


    我们可能会将您的个人信息披露给提供专业服务的外部供应商(例如IT或其他外包服务的供应商)以便我们可以将您的信息用于上述目的。我们也可能在内部(即合壹银行与其关联机构之内)共享您的个人信息。 我们也可能在法律要求的情况下披露您的个人信息,包括任何与法律诉讼或预期的法律诉讼相关的信息。或者,我们也可能为了履行任何法律义务、专票要求或为了建立和行使我们自己的法律权利而披露您的个人信息。 在信用信息方面,我们可能在企业合并兼并、出售我们的全部或大部分资产、股票销售、投资交易或者其他公司重组过程中转让含有您个人信息的我们的数据库给一个实际的或者潜在的继任者实体、购买者或者投资者。 您可以随时通过以下联络方式与我们联系,撤回我们使用或披露您的个人信息的同意。请注意,撤回您的同意可能意味着我们无法向您提供产品、服务和我们网站和/或应用程序的访问。






  • 当个人信息不准确、不完整或过期时,您可以要求我们更新或更正;
  • 获取我们掌握的有关您的任何个人信息。 如果您提供的信息发生了任何变化,或者您认为我们所持有的信息不准确,请通过以下联络方式与我们联系。 您也可以要求我们通过以下联络方式向您提供我们随时掌握的您的个人信息。我们将尽快回复您的要求。然而,在向您提供任何此类信息之前,我们有必要对您的身份进行验证。 在某些特殊情况下,我们可能会拒绝您查阅或更正您的个人信息的要求。例如,在某些情况下,查阅您的个人信息是非法的。如果出现这种情况,我们将通知你。


    如果您对本政策或我们对您个人信息的处理有任何疑问及投诉,或您想查阅或修改您的个人信息,请联系发送电子邮件至。 我们将尽力:
  • 在48小时内对您的查询或投诉提供初步答复;
  • 在10个工作日内解决您的查询或投诉。
  • 如您仍不满意,可联络: 澳大利亚信息专员办公室(OAIC) (或致电1300 363 992)。 我们将根据新的或更新的法规和/或我们业务的变化对本政策进行定期审查。我们持有的任何有关您的信息将受我们最新的隐私政策的约束。我们建议您定期检查本政策的任何更改。