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About in1bank

We’re a digital-first, bilingual bank on a mission to improve the banking experience for the digitally underserviced segments of the Australian market, in particular the Chinese-speaking population and small businesses (SMEs).

We’ve had a unique advantage of starting with a blank page and building a banking experience with a strong focus on innovation, security and value for our customers.


合壹银行是一家数字优先的双语银行。我行致力于改善澳大利亚市场中数字服务不足的细分的银行体验,尤其是华语社群或中小型企业 (SME)。


We’re just getting started

We are first to market on a bilingual mobile app, small business mobile onboarding, customised deposit maturity, QR-pay, a real time and secure way to send funds to other in1bank customers and merchants without fees.

Our roadmap is full of features that will help customers take control of their money in an easy and secure way. Stay tuned!



我们的产品路线图将为您带来更多的功能。更有效地帮助客户以一种简单、安全的方式管理其资金。 敬请关注!

Bank with confidence

in1bank is an Australian owned local bank and has a banking licence regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authorities (APRA). This means your money is guaranteed up to $250,000 under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS), the same as all other local banks.

In addition to the protections offered under the FCS, we have a dedicated cyber security team that keeps a watchful eye to ensure you a secure in-app banking experience. To learn more about how we protect you, visit our security centre.


合壹银行是一家澳大利亚本地的银行,拥有澳大利亚审慎监管局(APRA)监管的银行牌照。 这意味着根据澳大利亚政府的金融索赔计划 (FCS),您的存款资金将获得与所有其他本地银行相同的高达 250,000 澳元的保证。

除了 FCS 提供的保护之外,合壹银行还有一支专业的网络安全团队负责密切关注您的应用端银行体验安全。 要了解更多有关我们如何保护您的信息,请访问我们的安全中心

Our Team

in1bank has a strong Board comprising experienced independent directors, including an independent Chairman. Each Board member brings extensive banking and commercial experiencewhich enables us to deliver on our promises to provide a trusted, secure and customer-focused digital bank.

The majority of the Executive Team are former executives of BNP Paribas group, with more than 20 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry.


合壹银行拥有一个由经验丰富的独立董事组成的强大的董事会,其中包括一名独立董事长。 每位董事会成员均拥有丰富的银行和商业经验,以确保我们能够兑现提供值得信赖、安全和以客户为中心的数字银行的承诺。


Stephen Van Der Mye

James Tong
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Anthony Woodward
Non-executive Director

David Chin
Non-executive Director

Helen Yap
Non-executive Director

Alnoor Premji
Executive Director