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Personal Banking Products


At in1bank, we understand the importance of saving and growing your wealth. That's why we offer our fully flexible and high earning in1Deposit specifically designed for you.



合壹银行了解储蓄和增加财富的重要性。 因此我们提供专为您设计、完全灵活且高收益的合壹定存。

Featured rates

Earn an additional 0.1% on top of your rate if you choose to rollover your in1Deposit at the time of creation.


如果您在创建您的合壹定存时选择展期再投资,则可在费率基础上额外赚取 0.1%的收益。

4.43% p.a. for 4 months

4.61% p.a. for 6 months

4.50% p.a. for 12 months

年化 4.43% 4 个月

年化 4.61% 6 个月

年化 4.50% 12 个月

Competitive Interest Rates

Our in1Deposits allow you to lock in a competitive interest rate, so you can earn more on your savings and achieve your financial goals faster. Choose how often you receive interest payments.


合壹银行的合壹定存可让您锁定具有竞争力的利率,这样您就可以从储蓄中赚取更多收入,更早地实现您的财务目标。 选择您收到利息付款的频率。

Fully Flexible Terms

Need a 88-day deposit, or some other specific term duration? We understand that different individuals have different savings and liquidity needs. That's why you can set the exact number of days you wish to invest for in your in1Deposit, so your funds are available precisely when you need them.


需要一个88 天的存款或其他特定期限吗? 合壹银行了解不同的人有不同的储蓄和流动性需求。 因此,您可以灵活设置您合壹定存投资的确切天数,以确保您的资金就可以在需要时逢时到期。

Secure and Convenient

Your peace of mind is our priority. As a fully regulated Australian bank, we offer our customers the same level of security and peace of mind as any other Australian bank, with the protection by the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS).



Take control of your financial future and secure your savings with our in1Deposits.

Open your in1Account today to create an in1Deposit.

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Experience the convenience, value and personalised service that in1bank offers. Join our growing family of satisfied customers and benefit from our expertise and commitment to excellence through the adoption of digital/mobile technology.





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