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Personal Banking Products


With our in1Account, you will enjoy a minimum base rate of 4% (before bonus) and no monthly account keeping fee. It is our combined transaction and savings account that helps you stay ahead of your finances.



通过合壹银行的合壹账户,您将享受极具吸引力的 4% 最低基本利率(不包含奖励利率),并且无需支付月费。 我们多功能、灵活的交易账户可帮助您轻松掌握财务状况。

QR pay

Enjoy free, easy, and instant transfers between in1bank customers by using our QR pay feature without the need to disclose any personal information, such as, mobile phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Quick and easy to scan.
  • Instant and real-time payment.
  • Ability to verify the recipient before payment.



  • 快速且轻松扫描。
  • 即时、实时付款。
  • 付款前核实收件人。

Access to bonus rates

Additional bonus rates available on top of the base rate.

  • Earn more by saving more.
  • Earn a bonus rate by depositing $2,000 each month.

Deposit at least $2,000 per month and you will receive an additional 0.1% on your base rate across the entire account balance.



  • 储蓄更多,赚取更多。
  • 每月存入2,000澳元即可额外赚取利率奖金。


Interest rates tiers

Note that the rates are calculated based on each section of the account balance.

Tier 1$0-$50,000Base rate
Tier 2$50,001 to $100,000Base rate +0.10%
Tier 3$100,001 to $200,000Base rate +0.15%
Tier 4$200,001 to $250,000Base rate +0.20%

The above rates are valid from 14/8/23, for more information on our rates see our terms and conditions.



第 1 级$0至$50,000基本利率
第 2 级$50,001至$100,000基本利率+0.10%
第 3 级$100,001至$200,000基本利率+0.15%
第 4 级$200,001至$250,000基本利率+0.20%

上述利率自2023年8月14日起生效,有关利率的更多信息,请参阅我们的条款和条件 . .

Payment notifications

Use payment notifications to keep track of payments received. Notifications can be enabled on up to 2 mobile phones.



Joint accounts

in1bank values the precious bonds which our customers have with their family members and loved ones. Our in1JointAccount allows you to have shared visibility on your finances and to pool funds together. Your in1JointAccount will have access to the same great features and products as our in1Account.



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