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in1bank Christmas Promotion 2023


In the two weeks leading up to Christmas 2023, in1bank is giving new and existing customers an early Christmas present with the launch of a very special promotional campaign.

What’s on offer?

For a limited time, in1bank customers (individuals and businesses) can earn up to 6% p.a. interest when taking out a new 31-day in1Deposit (Deposit). The 6% p.a. promotional interest rate of the in1Deposit is a combination of the standard 31-Day deposit rate of 4% p.a. plus a special Christmas bonus rate of 2% p.a. Both the principal and interest amount of the in1Deposit will be paid into customers’ in1Account on maturity. More details are available on our promotional page. The Christmas bonus rate of 2% for the Deposit is effective from 11 December 2023 and will close on 22 December 2023 if not closed earlier at the Bank’s full discretion.

Rewarding customer loyalty

With the focus on putting customers first, this promotion was sent to all existing customers on Tuesday 12 December 2023, two days ahead of the bank’s planned public media launch on Thursday, 14 December 2023.

What’s next?

Customers who have taken up the promotion will enjoy earning 6% p.a. on their Deposit for the duration of 31 days, with the option to either withdraw or roll-over their funds on a competitive standard rate upon maturity – ready to take on the next promotion. Those that have missed out on the promotion are urged to become an in1bank customer to receive priority VIP access to future promotions, or bookmark to keep tabs on all previous and in-market promotions going forward.

About in1bank

With a mindset of creating value and convenience for individuals and small businesses, in1bank aims to create new and innovative digital products and services that extend beyond the existing banking environment.

  • APRA approved ADI, protected by the FCS
  • Fast onboarding for both individuals and SMEs
  • Zero account keeping fees for combined transaction and savings account
  • Competitive baseline interest rate
  • Instant and secure QR payment between customers
  • Customisable banking features
  • 在2023年圣诞节前的两周里,合壹银行将推出一项非常特别的优惠活动,提前为新老客户送上圣诞大礼。


    在有限的时间内,合壹银行的客户(个人和企业)将从其新的31天(存款)获取高达6%的年利率。合壹定存的优惠利率为年利率6%,是4%的31天标准存款年利率加上2%的圣诞特别优惠年利率的组合。合壹定存(in1Deposit)的本金和利息将在到期时存入客户的合壹账户(in1Account)。更多详情请浏览我们的 优惠活动页面 。 存款的圣诞优惠率为2%,从2023年12月11日起生效,除非我行提前关闭,该活动将于2023年12月22日结束。




    成功参加优惠活动的客户将享受为期31天的6%定存收益年利率,并可选择在到期时以具有竞争力的标准利率提取或展期其资金,以备下一次优惠活动。合壹银行建议错过了此次优惠活动的人成为合壹银行的客户,以优先得知合壹银行未来的优惠活动,或收藏该网页 以密切关注所有以前和现有的优惠活动。 有关合壹银行 秉承为个人和小企业创造价值和便利的理念,合壹银行致力于创造超越现有银行环境的新型创新数字产品和服务。

  • 由澳大利亚审慎监管局(APRA)授权的银行(ADI牌照),并受金融索赔计划(FCS)保护
  • 个人及中小企业用户均可快速开立账户
  • 零费用、交易和储蓄合二为一的账户
  • 具有竞争性的基本利率
  • 客户之间即时、安全的二维码支付
  • 可定制的银行功能